Behind the Facts Vitamins And Fruits

Vitamin Or Fruit For The Body?
When you walk into a supermarket in your neighborhood, you’ll see a line of fresh vegetables and fruits are nice and colorful for sale. They all look fresh and bright colorful healthy, there are no holes in vegetables, and you might say “the fruits were fresh bangeeet!” And immediately bought. Wait a minute..

Do you know these fruits and vegetables may not contain vitamins and minerals as much as you think? For economic reasons, farmers have to harvest their crops as much as once a year on their farm without giving a period of rest for the land. Over time, soil depleted lose minerals needed for the growth of vegetables. No wonder many people need to take vitamin pills to replenish the body with enough nutrition!

Perhaps taking vitamin pills is a good and fast way to get enough vitamins for our bodies. This shows that the synthetic chemicals can have long term health effects on our bodies. view full post »